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We normally find that migraines are due to a combination of factors rather than one. Sometimes, though, there is a single distinct trigger and it is about finding it. But often, it is about treating the whole person, including their hormonal status, their blood sugar levels, their stress levels, their sleep, their anxiety state, the integrity of their spine, their diet and possible food triggers, allergies or intolerances.

Your GP may prescribe a variety of treatments, the most common being migraine relief to take as and when and a preventative treatment to take constantly to prevent attacks. This may help enormously but doesn’t necessarily address the cause and triggers for the migraines.

This is why some people chose to consult a herbalist or other therapist, to address the multitude of factors involved, to understand the migraines better and to prevent further attacks.

Call us or email us if you want to address your migraines further, we will be happy to assist.

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