Treating children

Helping little ones!

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Their immune system is still in learning, they are very active and accident-prone, and growing-up involves a number of hurdles to jump through, as varied as teething, immunisations, school anxiety etc.

We therefore get to treat a number of children in practice. It is a great pleasure to help little ones but also to see their parents reassured and relieved that their little angel is better. But the most wonderful thing about treating children, is that they tend to respond very well and very quickly to herbal medicine.

For a start, they like being the centre of attention in the consultation, but then they are fascinated by physical examinations, they love seeing their medicines being prepared in front of them in a dispensary which to them is reminiscent of Harry Potter, and finally to take home their own special remedy.

So the whole process engages them and often parents tell me how keen their child is, how they are being reminded several times a day: “is it time for my medicine yet?”. All this despite the medicine not always tasting of toffee or roses…!

If you are concerned about your child’s health, of course we would recommend consulting your GP. The main reason that parents contact us is that the conventional treatments are not working, have side-effects or they have been told there is no treatment for it.

The main conditions we treat children for are recurrent coughs and colds, eczema, molluscum contagiosum, multiple warts, verrucas, allergies, athlete’s foot, oral thrush, impetigo (that which doesn’t respond to conventional treatment), ADHD, aggression etc

So if your little one is still suffering despite having been investigated and treated, call us on 01795529005 or email us ( to see  if you can help.



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