” My husband and I were desperate to have a child. We had been trying for 7 years when Milena was recommended by a friend of mine. I went to see her in February and instantly felt comfortable and reassured. She prescribed a mixture of herbs as well as changes to my diet. I felt my body changing over the four months of taking the medicine.
In February, I starting feeling unwell, did a test, and found I was pregnant. Shock and disbelief. But I am expecting in September. Thank you Milena for making our dream come true! ”
~ Paul & N.

Cat allergy and asthma

Prior to seeing Milena, I relied on inhalers as every time I was exposed to cats, at a friend’s or relative’s house, I would start feeling wheezy and short of breath, further leading to an asthma attack unless I used my inhalers.

Milena prescribed me a desensitizing remedy to help my cat allergy, it took a week only, and since, I have been asthma-free when exposed to cats. I was a little skeptical but I am very impressed and still cannot believe it, after 8 years of suffering.

Carl Holms, France


IBS and Allergy Testing

Before I had my allergy test I had constant IBS every single day.  I couldn’t put my finger on why I was getting so tired and ill.  I cut out all ingredients for a month and gradually introduced them into my diet and monitored the effects.  I found those which caused my bloating and which caused my IBS.  I also found that very acidic foods like tomatoes gave me stomach cramps and itchy skin.  I rarely have IBS these days.  After cutting out the foods I have noticed that I am not bloated anymore which has caused me to drop a dress size and lose a stone.  My itchy skin and stomach cramps have also got a lot better since the change of diet.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who is having similar problems to have an allergy test because so much can change from it.

R.R. Faversham


Exhaustion and loss of appetite

” Milena is a thorough professional, yet treats one in a warm friendly manner.  My mother of 87 years went to Milena with exhaustion and loss of appetite after months of medication for osteoarthritis.  Milena took the time to take a complete medical history and, making links between apparently unconnected health problems, came up with a holistic diagnosis, which enabled her to prescribe a herbal prescription from a perspective a G.P. would not understand. After weeks of exhaustion the G.P. could only recommend rest. After 2 days of Milena’s medicine my mother’s appetite returned, closely followed by normal energy levels within a fortnight. This was an extraordinary result and I recommend Milena very highly.”
~Avril, Kent



“I took my daughter to see Milena following years of suffering with eczema. Traditional creams didn’t seem to work and our doctor rarely had five minutes to see us. What a contrast when I took her to see Milena. She spent an hour thoroughly looking at my daughter’s diet, drawing out any other medical problems and even discussing some emotional problems that had been affecting her at school. On the way back in the car my daughter and I talked further about her problems and I’m really grateful that Milena was able to draw these out. After a course of herbal medicine her eczema is much better and a change of diet has had lasting results. I would recommend Milena to anyone who is fed up with the lack of time their own GP has to really find out the root cause of the problem”. ~Tracey White, Margate.



Thank you so much for the hemorrhoid cream you gave me. I woke up this morning with very painful piles and after using the cream just twice, they were painless! I had a much better day than expected thanks to the cream. It’s amazing.

Claire, Faversham


Restless Leg Syndrome

“I was suffering with severe spasms and pain in my legs, which were keeping me awake at night. I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and tried several conventional medicines that did nothing to help and gave me side-effects. I turned to Milena for help. She prescribed some Herbal Medicine and after taking the preparation for just over a week I found I was getting a good night’s sleep. Symptoms continued to improve and I now no longer require any medicine, the Restless Legs Syndrome has gone.”
~Mr L Ellis, Romney Marsh.


Milena made me a lotion to apply to a very stubborn verruca that had appeared several months before and hadn’t responded to normal treatment. After applying the lotion religiously, it has paid off and it is very nearly gone!

~S W, Canterbury.




My daughter was 4 years old. She had suffered from chronic constipation since she was born. I was always encouraging her to drink, constantly asking her to take sips. It had become a sort of obsession of mine. The more I pushed the more she refused. The doctors had tried her with various glycerine type syrups but with limited success. A friend suggested reflexology. I had assumed she was too young. She also had very tickly feet. It will never work I predicted. However, we went for our first session, full of intrepidation. Rosie took a full medical history whilst my daughter dabbled her tiny feet in a warm bubbly spa bath, which she loved. Rosie explained that she could help increase the peristalsis, the wave like motion that moves stools along the bowel. Rosie’s touch was quite light but it did not tickle her at all. She relaxed quickly and sometimes she dozed off to sleep and other times I read her story. She was remarkably still and quiet for a usual boisterous 4 year old. We visited Rosie once a week for 6 weeks. Even after the first session the results were fantastic. During the course of treatment her bowel transformed from being sluggish and constipated to active efficient and regular. She still sees Rosie on a monthly basis for an immune boost and to keep her young body in peak performance. I would highly recommend Rosie and her ‘magic hands’.

– Anonymous



Following many years of ‘unexplained infertility’ someone recommended reflexology. So I made an appointment, somewhat sceptical and with an ‘I have nothing to lose’ attitude. Rosie explained that in some cases the stress caused by not conceiving and a fluctuating imbalance of hormones can reduce significantly the possibility of conception. Rosie treated me for an hour a week for 8 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed putting my feet up and getting rid of my daily stresses and strains. As soon as Rosie started to massage my feet l felt like I was in a wonderful trance like state, floating above myself aware of the massage but on the point of going to sleep. During the course of my treatments I realised I was becoming more relaxed and less obsessed by my desire for a child. Rosie also treated my husband every second week to help him relax and to help him produce healthy sperm. He always fell asleep within the first few minutes. I was thrilled to conceive during week 8 of my treatments. I continued to receive reflexology throughout my pregnancy and she even helped induce my baby son as I was 2 weeks overdue and the doctors were putting pressure on me for a C section. I can not recommend reflexology highly enough.

– Anonymous


Back Ache and Joint Pain

I am a man in my 60’s and was struck down with chronic arthritis in my late 50’s. I felt I was far too young to be suffering with such painful and debilitating symptoms. I had being seeing a physiotherapist and a chiropractor for over a year, but my progress seemed to have plateaued. I contacted Rosie, following a recommendation from a friend. During our first session, Rosie took my full medical history and recommended an initial 6 week course. She explained that she would pay particular attention to the stress and tension she could feel in the shoulder and along the spine. A used to really enjoy my weekly hour of bliss. To put my feet up (literally). I was so relaxed afterwards I sometimes stayed horizontal on the massage chair, unwilling and unable to get up. After about 3 weeks the aches and pains seemed to reduce quite significantly. For the first time in ages I could get to sleep lying on my back and sleep through the night. I still see Rosie every 3 weeks to help keep the pain at bay and boost my immune system and circulation. I happily recommend Rosie to anyone with the aches and pains of old age.

– Anonymous


Swedish Massage

I found Michelle’s strong but gentle and skillful hands were able to shift tight knots in my back muscles.I experienced reduced pain and increased shoulder mobility after her professional treatment.

Jim Read

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