Helen Dexter

Dance therapist IIDT BTD®

Dance of Life® IIDT teacher & trainer


Therapeutic dance is based on the Dance Therapy understanding of our body as container of all our life experiences and as a medium for healing and wholeness.

I offer Therapeutic Dance as a light and playful way of accessing those parts of yourself that may be preventing you from enjoying a more balanced & fulfilling life as well as an enjoyable way to stay in a deeper connection with yourself.

Playful structured experiences supported by inspiring music & rhythm lead to free exploration and discoveries which can then be verbalised and deepened. The special medium of dance and movement allows for those more hidden or unlived parts of yourself to be contacted in a well-supported and safe way.

My work aims at

* Deepening the holistic relationship with your body in order to feel more grounded & connected to your true self

* Promoting increased personal clarity and self-awareness

* Strengthening your self-esteem through the experience of your inner variety and potential

* Supporting you in making connections between the insights gained through movement experiences and your daily life and relationships where appropriate.


Helen is a German Dance Therapy Association (BTD®)   certified and experienced Dance Therapist, dance teacher and Dance of Life® IIDT Instructor and trainer. She has worked with individuals and groups of all ages and is deeply convinced of the power of dance to support people in connecting to their authentic essence and joy of life. Her approach aims at enhancing wellbeing and enriching daily life through increased awareness of your inner qualities and capacities.

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