What happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

In the first instance you are helped to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. There is then a discussion solely about you. It is from this discussion that the therapist will determine what therapy is required for you as an individual.

There is then a relaxing trance induction and you will have a journey that will help you to focus on the issues being addressed. You are guided by the therapist throughout this and will be entirely safe and comfortable. On completion you are returned to the ‘here and now’ and you will feel very relaxed and yet energized. The issues that have been addressed will be discussed and at this point, and in conjunction with you, a decision as to whether or not it will be necessary to undertake further sessions will be made.

Follow on sessions could involve suggestion therapy or hypnoanalysis – a powerful therapeutic technique that involves using Freudian Free Association to re-experience childhood memories.


‘With an Empowered-Mind anything is possible’

Every thought and feeling sends messages to the body. If those thoughts are negative they can affect our health and wellbeing.”
(David HamiltonPhD).





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