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Milena Moore BSc(Hons) Dip. BIAET

Find out which foods and allergens you react to, with this painless method. Carried out by fully qualified Medical Herbalist Milena Moore, as part of a full consultation. The results are analyzed immediately and extensive advice is given, as well as treatment if required.

Allergies are becoming more and more common. However, the allergies we are aware of tend to be the ones that produce a strong reaction, like an anaphylactic shock, swelling or a rash. However, foods and allergens also cause reactions that we cannot see or feel and that we are not aware of, but that can cause us chronic health problems.

Some health conditions are directly related to something we eat but we don’t always realize that it is the case. This test will help you identify those foods and allergens.

The test measures how your body responds when exposed to different foods and substances. Depending on the level of resistance your body expresses, this will mean that you are allergic, intolerant, or just respond negatively to certain foods and products.

It is a very useful test because it helps you eliminate foods that are weakening your immune system at the very least, possibly affecting different systems and organs, and potentially making you very ill.

Taking that burden away will often mean that your general health and well-being improves. For people who suffer with skin conditions, digestive complaints and other problems, these often tend to improve to some extent upon eliminating the problematic foods.

The test is carried out as part of a full consultation. The results will be analyzed there and then to determine the foods and products which are likely to be linked to your health problem, in order to minimize the number of foods you will need to avoid.



Consultation + Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing: £78 (adults / children).  A re-test is £58.

Please call Milena on 01795 227 423 or email for further information or bookings.

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