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Milena Moore BSc (Hons)

Western herbal medicine is our traditional form of medicine here in Europe. Herbs have been used as  medicines for thousands of years.  Herbal medicine combines knowledge from the traditional use of plants with scientific research and an understanding of the body and disease in order to restore health and well-being.

Herbal medicine treats the whole person, not just the disease or the symptom. Its aim is to help the bodyrestore its own optimal function and balance andtherefore to have a long-lasting effect. Herbal medicine is safe and free of side-effects when prescribed by a herbalist. It complements orthodox medicine and therefore prescribed herbs can be taken alongside orthodox medication.

COMMON CONDITIONS PEOPLE CONSULT ABOUT   Acne  Anxiety  Arthritis  Asthma   Athlete’s foot   Candida  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   Constipation   Crohn’s disease  Cystitis Depression   Diarrhoea  Eczema  Fibroids  Gout

HOW CAN HERBAL MEDICINE HELP YOU?  Herbal medicine will offer you:

• Long consultations, which enable you to describe allyour symptoms at length and ask questions

• A practitioner who will take time to listen, care, andwho will be dedicated to improving your health

• A practitioner who is fully qualified to diagnose andprescribe an herbal prescription tailored for you.

• Information about your health and personalizedadvice on how to improve your health by changingyour diet and lifestyle.

• A treatment tailored to your own individual needs and specific requirements

• More than just symptomatic relief, a treatment aimed at improving your body’s functions and organs, giving you long-term relief

• A practitioner who is qualified to safely prescribe herbs alongside your medication and who will interact with your GP if necessary.

• A natural and safe treatment with very rare side-effects.You may want to consider herbal medicine if you:

• Cannot tolerate your medication or suffer with side-effects

• Have been told by the doctor that there is nothing that can be done about your condition

• Want to use something natural

• Want to do more than just control the symptoms

• You feel ill but tests show nothing wrong

• Want to avoid side-effects

• Want to find out more about your condition and how to change your diet to improve your health.


Prices: First consultation (1h): £59 (adults) £30 (children)

Follow-up sessions: £34 (adults) £24 (children)

Herbal medicines usually cost £6-8/week.


Please call 01795 227 423 or email info@apothecaclinic.co.uk for further information or bookings.

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